What makes common time so common? And what is an asymmetrical meter? This episode of The Chain links Blondie’s Heart of Glass to Foo Fighters’ Times Like These through metric modulation.

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From the episode:

Don’t Trip on the 3/4 Measure: Changing Meter in Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” via Rebel Music Teacher
Unusual Markers: Mixolydian Mode & Asymmetrical Simple Meter in the Foo-Fighters’ “Times Like These” via Rebel Music Teacher
Blondie – Heart Of Glass Piano Tutorial via Piano Go Life
Why is 4/4 so Common? via David Bennet Piano
David Bennet Piano on YouTube and Patreon
The 17 Best Songs In 7/4 Time Signature via Stereogum
Sound on Sound: Sounding Off: Messing With Meter

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